Thursday, 21 March 2013


I'm not going to let a little thing like the Atlantic Ocean stop me from getting beauty items which are exclusively sold in our ally nation of USA! Thank you Jesus for ebay!

Ever since Essie Button had first spoke of these amazing Maybelline Baby Lips balms over a year ago, I have had my eye on them and waited patiently until us Brits would have a chance of purchasing them also. So far, I haven't come across any of them in our stores, so it was online I went. This is a true story; I purchased this single item one evening on ebay at around 5pm and didn't expect to see it for probably a week or so, however, it arrived at my house the NEXT DAY at about 3pm!?!? Someone please tell me how that even happened?

Anyways, apart from the utterly perfect service I got from my seller on ebay, I didn't pay too much for this either - I think with P+P I payed a total of around £6 (which is a bargain to me as I thought I wasn't ever going to get it!).

As for the product itself, well, this smells like cherries. Obviously! It's actually a nice sweet scent and isn't too overly sugary or sickly scented and to be honest...this is a great lip balm. It does give a great payoff for colour as well as being super moisturising. I don't have any other lip balms quite like this and everything about it is so quirky and cute! Even the cheap plastic packaging is adorable in my opinion! When you apply this it does sort of remind me of how your lips looked after you were to eat a red ice-lolly as a kid - sort of like a water wash of colour. (This product does taste nice also). I love this little thing and plan on ordering more from ebay asap.

RATING - 9/10

(This would've gotten a full 10 if it weren't for the fact it isn't available in UK)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I have been slightly M.I.A recently due to suffering an awful flu. I am finally recovered - although I look like a zombie and have lost like 10lbs - and have also happily gotten my sense of smell back! Ahhhh, Yankee! Oh how I have missed you!

I will be back to blogging asap!


P.s - Mandy! You will have mail very soon ;)
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