Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I have a confession to make. I think I've "beat the system" with getting these lipsticks. I only payed £2.50 for each (with free p&p) online at Cheapsmells.com! Before this review, let me tell you the utter pleasure it has been buying my christmas gifts from this wonder-website. I had originally heard about this site from that gorgeous model, Ruth Crilly**, who runs her own successful YouTube beauty channel, A Model Recommends. She said about some Agent Provocateur items you could get for over 60% off, so when I went to the site I was amazed at the utter choice of brilliantly discounted cosmetics they had! Thank you so much Ruth!
So far, I've bought these lipsticks, a 100ml EDP Jimmy Choo for 40%off (for my mum, shhh!), an 80% off aftershave for an uncle, a 70% off Essie nail varnish (review coming soon) and a few other things. They deliver so quick and there is no P&P to pay! I can only imagine how amazing the January sales will be on this site!

Now, onto the lipsticks. Besides Obsession, these are the only other Calvin Klein products I've ever bought but now I think I'm going to have to branch out even more. These are great lipsticks. First off, the packaging is so cool and sleek with the trademark "CK" on the top, which will make them stand out amongst my other lip colours. I've got two colours which are perfect for different looks and occasions;

1. Calvin Klein Lipstick in Sinful (top picture swatch*) - This is a very smooth yet highly pigmented shade which just glides over your lips effortlessly, creating an instant impact. The colour is a medium toned red with peach undertones, which looks just beautiful at this time of year. You can build the colour up easily and it does last a good couple of hours without needing a touchup. I wore this to a party last night and got quite a few compliments which is always a good sign.

2. Calvin Klein Lipstick in Rose Rush (bottom picture swatch*) - This is more along the lines of a deep, dusky rose colour which has a very vintage look to it. I think this has some plum coloured undertones which makes it a universal shade which will suit most people's colourings. This looks great against my pale skin during the daytime.

*Because of the rather crappy lighting in my bedroom, my skin looks about ten shades darker than it actually is in this picture! I have an awful energy-saving lightbulb on my ceiling which is far too high up for me to change! Someone get me a ladder!

**Ruth Crilly's website - amodelrecommends


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