Friday, 23 November 2012


Yesterday, I went shopping with my mum and decided to have a look in a few local charity shops. I personally love charity shops, they're little goldmines for a good bargain and sometimes you can get an item which is designer for only a few quid. A friend of mine went to an Oxfam in North London one time and found a small Chanel clutch for £3.00! She even took it to the Chanel store and they verified that it was the real deal. Amazing! I haven't been that lucky yet but I'm very happy with what I found.

L'Occitane En Province Hand Cream Trio Gift Set - I payed £2.50 for this! It was brand new and unopened and just sitting there in the middle of a shelf full of random little crockery sets. I'm so thrilled to get this. The very pretty box contains three of the L'Occitane Hand Creams, all full sized. You would usually pay around £8.00 for one of these little beauties and £20.00 for a gift set similar to this. The products included are;

1. 30ml Shea Butter Hand Cream - This is the classic hand cream by this brand. It's very thick and concentrated but feels divine when rubbing it into your hands.

2. 30ml Rose and Violet Hand Cream - This is very light in comparison to the others, so it rubs in very quickly. Perfect for a quick touch-up when out and about. Smells beautiful.

3. 30ml Citrine and Clementine Hand Cream - I think this particular cream is discontinued - I couldn't find it on the website. However, just like the other two, this is just as lovely and has quite a thick consistency. This smell is my favourite, it reminds me of the Mango Flower Hand Cream - which I blogged about in my 'A Few Great Lotions' post here. Very fresh and fruity, a great pick-me-up for the oncoming colder months.

Overall, I'm a happy camper with this set. My hands will get some much needed TLC from now on.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


My E.L.F order has arrived and I'm so excited to try out all the goodies! As you can see, I was so happy I didn't even bother to set up my white background for the pictures. (Actually, I think I might use my bedcover to photograph more products on more often, what do you guys think?)
From what I've seen so far, the brushes are AMAZING quality and are just as good as some of the high-end brands. The packaging is nice but very basic, almost like a budget version of the Nars blusher/eyeshadow compacts. I'm expecting good things from these cosmetics so stay tuned for a more in-depth review of each item.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


After the ultimate success of buying the perfect tinted moisturiser last week, I decided to try out a few more Bobbi Brown products. I was invited along, mother in tow, to attend a makeup lesson for the new season Bobbi Brown line, 'Caviar and Oyster'. This limited edition palette is a beautiful set which contains eight shadows, a highlighter and mirror;

"Strong and smokey or soft and pretty? There's no need to choose with Bobbi's beautifully-edited selection. Featuring eight shadows and a luminescent skin enhancer, this mirrored palette makes it easy to create a multitude of party and special occasion looks. Taking a cue from the look of something pretty against something edgy, the set includes rich caviar and pearlescent black shades. Introducing the standout star of the season, Ballet Sparkle, a shimmer so sheer it can be worn on both eyes and cheeks (without ever looking overdone)." - link: bobbi brown website

I went with a smokey, dark eye whilst my mother opted for a fresh, daytime look and it works wonders. I was tempted to purchase there and then but I knew I had other items to get first and this costs £59. However, I am definitely going to save up and get this asap! 
Needing a new blusher first and foremost, myself and the lovely salesgirl (also named Rachel) both decided on trying a cream blush. As I have so many powder blushers, I wanted to get a product that would give me a more dewy, flushed glow - without looking too bright. I ended up with my first product;

1. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Pale Pink - This is a multi-award winning product which is highly recognised across all of the beauty spectrum. I've heard that Bobbi Brown herself had created this multi-tasking cosmetic after reminiscing about watching her mother apply lipstick to both her lips and cheeks when she was a child. I can also vividly remember my mother doing the same, it was the first beauty trick I picked up! This costs £18 which is good value for high-end makeup, considering you're getting two products in one.
When I apply this to the apples of my cheeks it gives a lovely, English-Rose style finish on my pale skin and looks very natural. By blotting a tiny amount onto my lips, after I've applied a bit of lip-conditioner, it gives a subtle hint of colour that evens out my whole makeup look. I am so happy with this product, I urge you all to go and treat yourselves. 

One thing I've only recently been working on is getting my eyebrows to look as good as they can. Having very thick eyebrows has now, happily, come back into fashion, so it's easy for me to see how to do them from looking in all the magazines. I've been using a few eyebrow pencils and brushes to get a good shape and definition but it can be hard for them to stay in place. This brings me to my second purchase;

2. Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up in Blonde - I actually bought this as a gift for my mum as she was the one who tried it on in the store, however, since we got home I had a little go with it and now plan on using it as well. I have never tried a product like this before as it did look a little intimidating, however, once you get the gist of it then it becomes easy to use. Thankfully, I watched how the sales girl applied it to my mum so now I know how to do mine - I would recommend you all do the same and take notes from the ones who know best. This is a cream-gel formula which fills in the brows as well as shaping them - with the small wand it comes with - then dries hard so your style stays in shape. Honestly, now I have this I don't know what I could do without it! Having nice, defined brows frames your whole face and just makes you look polished. This costs £14.50 and comes in five shades, so you will be sure to get one that suits your hair colour. 

(last image via allurabeauty)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


This is the receipt I got from my first ever E.L.F haul. I went a tad overboard with my £20 budget. I will review the items once I receive them! Excited!

Monday, 12 November 2012


This is a quick list of a few haircare accessories I have recently purchased. After spending the last few of my teenage years bleaching my hair, I have completely abstained from dye of any kind for the past two years to let my hair heal. At the moment I'm on that never ending journey to find products that will help nourish my hair and give it some well deserved TLC.

1. Set of Hairbands, Primark, Opai - This costs me about £1 when I was on my Primark haul and having very long, thick hair means I'm aways in need of hairbands. These are a nice camouflage colour which looks quite subtle and are just good, basic bands. My question is, where do all my other bands go to? It's the same with hair clips, they all vanish into thin air!

2. Tresemme Instant Refreshing Dry Shampoo - I'm usually a devout Batiste girl but having read so many other beauty bloggers talk about his has made me cave. I got mine a few days ago and feel as though it works okay. Not much better than my Batiste but not much worse, just okay. It doesn't leave that white residue which is a good thing I suppose. I think I need more time for my hair to adjust to using this.

3. Small Twinpack Hair Doughnuts, Primark, Opai - Again, costing just a quid, I got this on my Primakr haul. Recently I've mastered the art of putting a sock-bun into my hair! If you haven't done it or know what I'm on about then just YouTube it, you will not be disappointed. I made my first doughnut with an old, clean sock and some scissors but felt it's about time I got a real one. I tried this last night and it works great, although I felt like I missed my own little beauty D.I.Y version.

4. Klorane Shampoo, sample - I was given this at the till of my local pharmacy. It's one of this nicer pharmacies that have perfume counters as well as medications, so I thought I'd give it a try. Honestly, I wasn't impressed at all by this. The shampoo didn't seem to lather up at all and that made it very difficult to clean my hair and roots. It smells okay and that would be its only redeeming feature. Maybe my hair isn't the right type for it but still, I won't be trying it again. Disappointing.

5. Tangle Teezer - I have been wanting this for a while now after seeing all the positive reviews on it. I honestly thought, how this could be such a good product? but after I got mine, I was beyond impressed. This cost me £10.00 from Boots and it's the best tenner I've ever spent for my hair. It just brushes out the tangles in your hair (I have a lot) without breaking any and it also smoothes it out. I now use this all the time, morning, noon and night. I use it on dry hair and wet hair, both ways works just as good. My hair actually feels better quality after using it for only a week which is amazing! If you haven't got this yet then make sure you do soon, it is a wonder product for hair and I just wish I had had it when I was younger. I'm sure the genius who invented this is one happy person today!


After purchasing my highly impressive foundation brush, I decided to try out more of Primarks Makeup range.

1. Primark Blusher Brush - This costs £1.50 and is so incredibly soft! I have kept an open mind when purchasing these products and for good reason. They are such great quality for the price. I tried this with my MAC powder blush and gently applied some onto the apples of my cheeks and blended upwards slightly, then backwards. The brush is rather big for your check area so be sure to only use a little amount of powder onto the very tip but, overall, I was impressed as this didn't seem to malt! The item itself is very sleek looking and doesn't look cheap at all!

2. Primark Bronzing Brush - This is huge! Really big! A bit too big for my face to be honest but this would be perfect for dusting some powder body shimmer onto your arms, legs and d├ęcolletage. It did malt quite a bit the first time I tried it which is a shame but an okay product overall. This is priced at £1!

3. Primark Eyeliner 2 Pack in shade Black- For £1 you get two pencil eyeliners and a sharpener which is a great deal. I usually don't wear much black eyeliner in the daytime as I find it too intense for me but I decided to give this a go anyway. It went on my lash line and waterline effortlessly and was very easy to smudge out - to create a smokey effect. If you are new to makeup and want something to practice eye makeup with then this is the cosmetic for you. Very impressed.

4. Primark Volume Boost Mascara in shade 19 Black - This is my favourite Primark beauty purchase by far. I think it costs £1.50 (I can't find my receipt) and is an average sized tube. I tried this on without curling my lashes and was very impressed as it gave my lashes a nice, delicate coat of black that was subtle enough to create a "no-makeup, make-up" effect but still had some definition. With curled lashes it looks even better, I was so pleasantly surprised that this worked as well as it did. I will definitely be using this more often.

My current skincare routine

Recently, for the past six months or so, my skin has changed. I used to have perfect skin with no blemishes and only ever used a couple of products on it to maintain. Those were my Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (cleanser) and the Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 (moisturiser). I feel that since I quit smoking, a lot of months ago, the subconscious shock to my system has taken its toll on my skin - Not that that should be a reason for any of you to not quit as well! The amount of money I've saved has meant I can buy so much more luxury goodies! -  So, now my skin seemed to be having horrible breakouts - especially around my chin and T-zone area - and I have gone through so many products to have finally settled on ones that have helped the most. The only thing that is missing from this is a new daily moisturiser; I can't seem to find one that works well just yet!*

1. Caudalie Fleur de Vigne Foam Cleanser - You have to go into your local Space NK and smell this - it's devine! The most plant-like scent ever, this fresh cleanser is my first product used in my morning routine and the second in my night regime, after my Eve Lom. I works extra well if I have a shower in the morning (rather than at night) as my pores have had time to open and this cleans them out like magic. My skin feels so soft afterwards and is ready for my moisturiser.

2. Boots Soltan Aftersun - As I've mentioned, I'm still on the lookout for a good moisturiser that is suitable to my current skin problems. As I've been using some harsher products to treat my acne, the best thing I've found to put on is aftersun. It is designed to ease sore skin and help heal it, which is perfect for me as sometimes I can have rather red, blotchy areas on my face. This contains aloe vera, a naturally sourced oil, which is one of nature's best healing ointments. This is also super moisturising, so I put on a heavier amount at bedtime but for the mornings, after I've cleansed, I use a small amount and let it sink in.

3. Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant - This is a life-saving product. The more I've learned about my skin the more aware I am at how to avoid damaging it with unnecessary products or methods of application. I use this about twice a week (for my evening routine) after I've had my shower, double cleansed (using both my Eve Lom then Caudalie) and patted my skin dry. This goes on like a chalky paste to the skin and you only need a very thin layer. Leaving it on for about 10-15 minutes, the ingredients in this will dissolve any bad bacteria on your skin along with any dead cells. This is the best way to exfoliate as you don't want to be scrubbing your skin with the old-fashioned exfoliators, that can damage it even more. Afterwards, my skin feels like I've just been to a special salon for a professional facial.

4. Eve Lom Cleanser - I have already done a review on this product here. This is the cult cleanser product for all beauty obsessives and with good reason. It is one of the best makeup removers on the market and also one of the most moisturising. Not only will it take off every last scrape of makeup, oil and dirt from your face and eyes, it also gently exfoliates and nourishes. I use this at night before bed with the muslin cloth it comes with. You simply take a pea-sized amount of product and melt it between your fingers and work into the skin using circular, upwards motions. Once it turns a white colour I take my cloth, which I've dampened with warm water, and  fold it over itself about 3 times (to lock in heat/stem) and slowly buff off the product. The best tip I can give you for this is to use very gentle touch when using the muslin cloth as being too harsh can cause irritation.

5. Oxy On The Spot - I asked my pharmacist for this. I believe this one is sold only over the counter and I noticed results after the first night of using it. It costs about £5.00 which is great value for something so worthwhile and, as you can see from my picture, I've used quite a lot of it over the months. This is a very strong cream for the treatment of acne. I originally used this every night after I had double cleansed my skin and only used a very small amount to rub onto my spots and the skin surrounding it. I let that sink in for about five minutes then went in with my aftersun to moisturise, as this product will dry out your skin. It says you can use it twice a day but I found that too much and I can't stress enough that you shouldn't apply this like its a thick moisturiser! I did and had awful tight, flakey skin for days afterwards which left me confined to the house! If you use this lightly and properly then it will work greatly. Now I only use it about twice a week along the areas of my skin that breakout the most.

6. 100% Pue Tea Tree Oil Ointment - I got this from my local PoundShop for £1! I had never tried tea tree oil before but had heard of its amazing benefits. The first thing you will notice about this is the strong smell, it's very overpowering and actually made me a little scared to put such a thing on my sensitive skin. I tried it after I had done my double cleanse and used a cotton ball to gently dab some of the oil onto the affected areas of my skin. After doing this every night I noticed that my acne had defiantly reduced in size and redness which was pleasing. I now use it every other day just to dab on my skin to try and keep it bacteria free and reduce redness. This is more gentle than my Oxy cream so, if you find the Oxy too much to handle, then this is a great, milder alternative.

* If any of you, who have had acne, have any suggestions for good moisturiser then comment and let me know. Thanks xoxo

Saturday, 10 November 2012

"love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."


This is my first "Empties" post which I'm excited about. It makes me feel like a bonafide beauty blogger! I decided to do a mixture of different product genres from perfume to toothpaste for two reasons; one, I like a bit if variety every now and then and two, I'm very stingy with my makeup and make it last as painfully long as possible so I haven't emptied out any yet! These are my six latest empties;

1. Dior Midnight Poison Eau de Toilette - My favourite ever fragrance. This is just the most stunning perfume ever made, in my opinion. This was the one beauty item that I would create a fund for and make sure I always had enough saved up for when it ran out. According to the Perfume creator for Dior, Francois Demachy, this was, "composed with a captivating yet elusive seductress in mind". That description definitely matches the real effect and, to be blunt, men LOVE this and so do all my girlfriends. It leaves a nice trail of scent when you walk which I always admire in people, that feeling of "I wonder which perfume they're wearing" when they pass you. I even have to admit when I get a new bottle I tend to spray it on all my clothes and even the pillow on my bed gets a spritz! Patchouli (an aromatic oil obtained from a Southeast Asian shrub), mild citrus, and rose are the main ingredients and it also has woody and earthy undertones. I heard the most devastating news that Dior are now only going to sell this in 100ml bottle (around £90) and do away with the 30/50ml ones! I feel that is wrong and they should definitely reconsider this for their customers.

2. DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Toilette - This is a great alternative if the Dior one is too strong for you. This is light and has a lovely apple scent yet isn't too overpowering. I first purchased this when I was a teenager and needed something that was appropriate to wear to my (ridiculously strict) high school. It has fruity notes and is mildly floral with apple, violet leaf, grapefruit and magnolia being the top notes and tuberose, lily and rose being the middle. There is a tiny amount of amber and musk as bottom notes giving it a good kick as well. The more I've been getting into my perfumes the more I came to understand the lingo! I would recommend this for someone who wants a fun, fresh, light fragrance to brighten up their day.

3. Yankee Candle in Midnight Jasmine - It may surprise you to know that it has only been recently that I have begun to shop at Yankee Candle. I feel that I'm now at a mature enough age to get rid of my cheap, vanilla scented candles and move up closer towards to luxury genre. Problem is, I'm so fussy with scents that I find it hard to find one worth having and I need to go beyond my typical vanilla smell. (I just love vanilla). I spent one day smelling every single fragrance in the Yankee store and only seemed to be drawn to about six of them. Hopefully, I will evolve myself somehow and see what everyone sees in these candles but for now I'm very happy with this one. Midnight Jasmine has ingredients such as water jasmine, sweet honeysuckle, neroli and mandarin blossom all combining to make this lovely, deep scent which lingers around your home. It's quite sexy but not too overly feminine so, if you live with a guy and he doesn't want an overly girly scented house, then this would be the one to choose.  I actually look forward to lighting this when I get home at the end of the day which is new for me. I've just run our of this and will absolutely repurchase it. A little trick I use when the wick is far down the jar is to get a lighter and light a piece of dry spaghetti pasta and use that! Works like a treat.

4. Ren Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream (for sensitive skin) - This is a small travel-sized tube I got for free and, having never tried any Ren products, decided to give it a go. I'm currently on the lookout for a new moisturiser and am very particular about what I choose to put on my face. Too many moisturisers on the market are filled with horrible ingredients which are bad for the skin so I always try to check my creams don't contain too much crap. I was very impressed with this cream, it is moisturising but not too heavy so it doesn't clog my pores. It leaves a nice, soft finish and I only need to apply it once a day as I don't feel it's suitable for a night cream. I will probably purchase this as my new moisturiser as I have yet to get another which doesn't break me out. I just hope it remains suitable when the colder months come in and my skin takes a bashing from ice-cold winds!

5. Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 30 - This has been my moisturiser for the past two years. I fell in love with this as it is the most rich cream I can use that works with my skin and not against it and I can apply it both day and night. The SPF30 was the main attraction for me, as, leaving my teen years, I noticed I started to sunburn easily and thus wanted to protect my face as much as possible (without clogging up my pores). This doesn't come cheap, I payed around £35.00 for an average sized pot but it comes with its own pump meaning it gives you the correct amount needed every time, so it lasted me about 3/4 months. I even bought myself travel-sized ones from ebay (pictured above*) so I would always have one in my bag for touch-ups. I really rate Dermalogica as a brand; I feel they are the leading in skincare and I have been a huge fan since I was a teenager who got her very first salon facial - in which they used Dermalogica and so, introduced me to it.

6. Oral B 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste - A bit random but a vital part of any persons beauty regime. Finding a good toothpaste is something which I have been doing for as long as I can remember and I have gone through too many to count. As and ex-smoker (for 9 months!!!) I now need to try and undo the damage I caused by smoking. I think this toothpaste is fabulous at brightening my teeth. Use it TWICE a day with an electric toothbrush (I use the Oral B Pulsar, £6.50) and you will notice a difference. This isn't too overly minty, which can sometimes burn your mouth, and doesn't leave a horrible aftertaste, which can be annoying when you try to drink/eat directly afterwards. I would highly recommend this.

There you have it, my first empties post. I look forward to doing more.

*I apologise for the not-so-great quality of my pictures but my proper camera is broken! I will hopefully rectify this soon! x


I was so excited to see my Superdrug delivery come in the post a few days ago! I took advantage of their online free P&P offer and decided to do a makeup haul. I wanted to see how much I could get for £20.00 and was thrilled that the little padded jiffy bag in the mail was packed with goodies. For half of my budget I decided to try out MUA (Makeup Academy). I had never purchased anything from this brand before but know from my fellow beauty bloggers that it is a goldmine for products, with their basis line costing just £1. £1! If you are new to makeup then this is the way forward. I'm impressed. This is what I got;

1. MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 4 Pearl - This is a lovely pigmented, purple shade which would best suit those with brown eyes. I have green eyes yet it looks great on me. You can use this alone on the base as a nice small pop of colour or as part of a smoke eye. It isn't overly powdery which gives it a 'paint pot' feel.

2. MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 17 Matt - As the name suggests this is a matte eyeshadow in a neutral, beige tone. Again, like the other one, it feels rather creamy which is strange for a powder but in a good way. This can be used to create a "no makeup, makeup" look.

3. MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 16 Matt - This is a neutral, pink toned shadow which has a matte finish. This would work well with most of the other shades of the collection as the colour can be easily complementary.

4. MUA Eyeshadow in Shade 19 Matt - This is the darkest shadow I got and will use it to create either an evening smokey effect look or daytime natural look. I tried it on earlier and it gave my eyes nice definition and structure. I had used it with my damp angled eyeliner to run along the lash line as I like a brown shade to wear during the daytime.

Overall, these shadows are great value for money and I will defiantly be purchasing more and looking into their palettes.**

5. MUA Mascara in Shade 5 - A standard black mascara to give your lashes more definition. I find that, to work out how well your mascara works is to first apply it on its own with no other makeup, then the next time use it with makeup (but not with curled lashes), then on the third time curl your lashes and apply it. You will see which way works the best and which look it's best suited to. Also, always try different layers of mascara, beginning at one, then two and so on to your get desired effect. I find this works well on curled lashes and I only need one coat for a daytime look. I wouldn't use it for night-time.

6. MUA Blusher in Shade 1 - This is quite a small product for a blusher so I don't think it will last long but for the price, it's fine. A nice pink shade with peach undertones, this matte blusher feels quite powdery so use an extra soft brush to apply it with. I apply it onto the apples of my cheeks to give me a nice, soft flush of colour. The packaging is a little flimsy on this, however, am I'm scared its going to break quite easily so I may have to depot it somehow. Other than that, it's a good quality cosmetic.

7. MUA Lipstick in Shade 3 - The lipsticks were the products I was most excited about. I wanted to purchase them all but I limited myself to two. First off, these smell beautiful! Like a nice vanilla scent which is a great little detail for a lipstick, although, one seemed more fragrant than the other somehow. The colour of this is like a medium, hot pink shade with subtle plum undertones and is quite matte. It would look great for an evening look with casual eye makeup; it would look especially good on date night! A definite eye-catcher.

8. MUA Lipstick in Shade 12 - Both lipsticks I have are very creamy which I love. This colour is a subtle pale pink with peach undertones and this has some shimmer in it that the other doesn't. I wore this today and it looked very pretty and natural. I would highly recommend these lipsticks and will most definitely be adding more to my collection.

9. MUA Nail Varnish in Shade 1 - This is small. Very small. The kind of small I had warned you all about in my earlier posts. A 6.2ml sized bottle small. The smallest nail varnish I own. So, this is definitely travel-sized, whether it intended to be or not. Its saving grace is the colour. A dark, rich midnight blue which has shimmer mixed in. When this catches the light it looks lovely, I've had numerous remarks about it since I started wearing it which is always a good sign. The applicator brush is medium-sized which is okay and I needed about three coats to get the maximum effect. Overall this was an average product so I would be hesitant to purchase many more as I feel you can get great one from other budget makes, like Rimmel.

**If you own any of the MUA palettes and know if they are any good then please comment and let me know about them. Or if you could give me links to blog posts on them, I would be very grateful. Thanks. x

just a little heads up to let you all know that maybelline 'colour tattoo' pots are fabulous! Try them


Coming into winter means that our skin is going to take a bashing. Cold-wind burn is a very real problem for the skin and I have been noticing dry patches on my arms and hands. I have three great lotions to give my body some needed TLC during these colder months.

1. Victoria's Secret 'Sexy Little Things' Noir Body Lotion - I first purchased this a few years ago whilst waiting for my delayed flight back home to UK for christmas. I had never tried any Victoria's Secret products but was amazed at how lovely this was. I got it duty-free for around £10 and have been repurchasing it ever since. It sits proudly besides my bed and I use it most nights to moisturise my hands and lower arms. It smells heavenly. There is no other way to describe it. Try it and you will not be disappointed.

2. L'Occitane Shea Butter Mango Flower Hand Cream - I carry this in my handbag for on-the-go hand treatments. It is very thick and concentrated meaning it will need to be rubbed in quite a bit but it feels divine on your skin. It smells like a sweet mango but isn't too overpowering and costs £8.00. It can become quite addictive to use and once you purchase this, you will probably begin to reapply it several times a day for no reason. This is limited edition so be quick and get it before it goes!

3. E45 Cream  - Found at every chemist and most supermarkets, this cream is great for treating more severe dry skin conditions. It is medicated meaning you can most defiantly trust this product as it is doctor recommended. Last year I got a large tub on prescription to treat my exceptionally dry skin, so, if my G.P says it works then I'm gonna believe them. You should always have a small tube of this in your home medicine cabinet.

Friday, 9 November 2012

For flawless skin (pale)

For an evening out I want makeup that will make me look airbrushed and 'beauty-ad-worthy' - to be blunt - as well as having great staying power! What's the point of putting all that time and precision into your look only to had it melt off within the first hour of dancing to Britney? I have chosen my top three products which will make my skin flawless and smooth. Once you have the base of your face perfect, everything else (like eye makeup) will fall into place.

1. Barbara Daly Makeup Concealer  - This was the first item I got from Tescos makeup range. It was cheap and cheerful and after dabbing a bit of the tester on the back of my hand, I was impressed by the quality. I use this to cover up any face blemishes I may have, such as spots or blackheads. A little trick I use is, after using my face primer, I put a small amount on first BEFORE my foundation and again AFTER I apply foundation. I find this makes it last longer but you have to blend both layers in very well to make it look natural. It gives a medium coverage which you can build on if you have particularly problem skin. The only problem I have with this is that it doesn't come in a tube with applicator like most others. I just feel that constantly using fingers is a tad unhygienic, so always use a blending brush. This works great with the small end of my Primark Foundation/Concealer Brush which I posted on in my 'Autumn Favourites'. (click here)

2. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair  - This is the cult, bargained price concealer for beauty bloggers, retailing at around £4.00. I finally got mine for the first time last month and can safely say it works wonders. I use this after my foundation under my eyes and around the outer corners of my nose. It just helps take away dark circles and any discolouration you may have. I particularly like this as it gives medium coverage but feels like it's completely lightweight, which is great as you don't want to feel like you've caked on your makeup.

3. Nars Sheer Matte Foundation in Siberia - I was so happy when I found this! As I have such pale skin, finding a great quality foundation that's the right shade is sometimes a mission. I usually had to compromise and go a couple of shades darker than normal when I was younger, which made me quite self conscious.  It costs (deep breath) £29.50, so this is an investment cosmetic for me which I use sparingly for nights out where I want to look my best. This has had mixed reviews but I personally find this product to be amazing. I have oily/combination skin so using an oil-free foundation is a must as my makeup will just melt off at the slightest body temperature increase! Seriously! If you are lucky enough to have normal skin then try the 'Sheer Glow' version which I hear is fabulous.
This gives medium coverage, blends well with a foundation brush and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. The only issue with this product is that it doesn't have a pump in the bottle so you have to pour out the product onto the back of your hand - old school style - which is a bit frustrating. I've since heard that Nars are going to start adding the pump to newer bottles soon as they've had so many complaints. We shall just have to wait and see!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


It has taken me some time to build up my makeup collection. Trying to whittle down my favourite eye brushes has been a bit of a mission as I have accumulated quite a few over the years. It may surprise some of you to know that not all my favourite brushes are that expensive - quite the opposite in fact! This is a list of my current top 5 eye brushes which make applying makeup that bit simpler;

1. Eyebrow Double Sided Comb/Brush Duo - I have no idea of the make of this particular brush but you can get them everywhere. And they all do the same job! I use the comb side to separate my eyelashes after applying mascara or to brush in-between each coat application. These will spread out you lashes and give you a nice wide-eyed effect. I use the brush side on my eyebrows whenever I'm in a rush and just want to give my brows a quick once-over to put them in place.

2. Eyeshadow Brush for Base Colour - Apologies again as I don't know the particular brand of this brush! You will find these at you local chemist, usually as a small set for about £3.99 (definitely easy to get coming up to christmas). This is best for applying you eyeshadow base to your eyelid, or for packing on pigments and heavier products.

3. No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Pencil in Brown - I purchased this with my Boots Card points meaning I didn't pay anything for it! It usually costs about £6.50 and considering you get a stool brush on the other end, is great value for money. This is great for taking away with you on holiday as it's nice and compact and is so easy to use. It comes in a variety of colours which means you will definitely find a good suit for you.

4. Mac 217 Brush - This is a cult product for a reason! It is magical at blending out eyeshadows and creating a lovely smokey effect. This is an investment brush to have for your collection as it will last years and doesn't shed. I use this to blend out the colours along the cease of my eye, the outer corners, under the brow line and even under the lower lash line. You may want to get 2 of these; now for natural makeup and one for darker shades.

5. Ecotools Bamboo Angled Eyeliner Brush - I got this from Boots for around the £6.99 mark and feel it is great value for money. These shape brushes are usually meant for applying colour to your eyebrows and to shape them - which it does wonderfully as well - but I use this for eyeliner. I damped the brush with some water and use it on any powder eyeshadow I like and it creates like a fine paste which will glide onto you lash line evenly and leave a nice texture. By using this method you can build up on the colour and intensity and get a really precise finish. If you don't like eyeliner liquid or gel then this may just be the product for you.

Sunday, 4 November 2012


After having a look through some old makeup bags that I forgot I had, I was so happy to find a bunch of great lipsticks that still give great colour and are in great condition.*

1. Bourjois 'Docteur Glamour' in 17 Rose Requinique - When applied, this gives a very nice nude pale pink shade which would compliment a more dramatic eye effect look. All Bourjois products are great value for money and great quality. This lipstick comes in a nice packaging and lasts for a long time without loosing its effect. A lovely creamy texture with a colour you can layer up on.

2. Yves Rocher 'Rouge Creme Hydrant' Moisturising Cream Lipstick in 41 Orange Hibiscus - I'm becoming more and more impressed with this brand of cosmetics as I try more of their products. This lipstick firstly smells DIVINE, which is a nice little detail for any makeup and also has a very rich look to it. The colour is a more peachy/pink shade which will compliment most skin tones and has a touch of shimmer in it, making it more pretty. I feel this lipstick would make a great daytime makeup look and would work well with a more natural eyeshadow colouring.

*Apologies for the pictures as they don't give the best representation of the shades. Hopefully my descriptions will help.


Let me show you the BEST tinted moisturiser out there. This is better than most, better than the Laura Mercier cult product. As I have ridiculously pale skin I find it hard to get foundations in my shade. I was previously happy with the Nars Sheer Matte in Siberia but their line of tinted moisturisers wasn't up to scratch. How happy am I that one day I randomly went to House of Fraser and actually let the sales girl at Bobbi Brown stop me in my tracks to help me look for makeup. This cosmetic is a dream. I use the regular, hydrating one in their lightest shade Alabaster, and it just smooths over my face and blends into my skin perfectly. It leaves a lovely, healthy looking sheen and doesn't even feel like I'm wearing it. It's like my own skin - just better! It has the added bonus of containing an SPF15 which pleases me as I need to protect this fair old skin of mine from damage. It is on the steep side price wise, £28.00, which does give me a bit of anxiety however, as I've wasted so much money in the past on mediocre products which were too dark for me and thus didn't suit, I feel like it's a fair price to pay for satisfaction. This is a wonder product which I urge all of you who are looking for a great, light version of your foundation to try.


I'll admit it - I like to buy things on impulse. It seems every time I pass a pharmacy I just HAVE to wonder inside and have a look at the makeup and end up purchasing something. Recently I have been looking at eyeshadow trios. These two are the best I've come across so far;

1. Body Collection 'Sultry Eyes' Eyeshadow Dome Trio in Charcoal - This little beauty costs about £2.50 and after I tried some of the tester on my hand in store, I was impressed enough to purchase. The three noir shades all complement each other and will work well with any hair, eye and skin colouring. If you are new to makeup then this is the perfect opportunity to try and work a smokey eye effect and you CAN use the little brush provided if you don't have an others in your collection yet. Just use one side at a time and dust off any excess onto some tissues and then use the flat ends for going in close to your under eye lash line. These blend well, last long and have some shimmer which is good for a more dramatic look.

2. Collection 2000 'Colour Intense Trio' in 3 Cookie Dough - If you are looking for an everyday colour for your eyeshadow then this is a great find. There is lovely red/copper undertones to this which appear when you blend them out and that compliments my green eyes wonderfully. Compact and cheap, about £2.99, this also is not overly shimmery which makes it wearable during the daytime. As it doesn't come with a brush you can use you fingers for applying the lightest colour over the eyelid, then use a couple of Q-Tips for the middle colour to run along the crease and the darkest for the eye lash line area. Use a clean, thicker cotton bud to blend.

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