Monday, 11 February 2013


Ever since I first came across this haircare brand late last year, I have been constantly raving on about how good their Argan Oil treatment is. Recently, I was kindly sent* some new products to try at home and over the last few weeks, I have been working my way through each of them. There is a mixture of oil-like treatments and deep conditioning lotions, so I have paired them together and used them exactly how it was recommended by the manufacturer. For the last three weeks I have been using these 'duo' hair treatment sets, each for a week at a time (I also wash my hair once every 2/3 days).

This is my 100% honest review of each set. (I think it is important to my readers to be completely truthful about how I feel on each product and am never paid or sponsored to give positive reviews.*)

(The oil from this duo was the first product from this particular brand that I tried a few months back. You can read my original blog post about it here )

- The description on this sachet reads; "Hask Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment with Keratin, is a super strengthening, hydrating treatment that will restore and smooth dry, damaged, chemically treated or over processed hair. Argan Oil, unique to Morroco, is known for its high absorbing, penetrating and split end repairing qualities, while leaving even the most damaged hair soft and nourished for added moisture." Quite the claims, eh? 

HASK ARGAN OIL INTENSE DEEP CONDITIONING HAIR TREATMENT - The instruction on the back of this sachet explains, like the others, to apply a generous amount onto clean, wet hair and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing out. When I first tried this, I was very happy at how good it seemed to detangle my hair whilst I was massaging it in. This has quite an unusual, delicate scent; not at all over the top, yet I found it to be very fresh and it reminded me of a sweet, orange floral smell. Really very feminine and lovely and - as it isn't too overpowering - I feel this would suit most people. After leaving it to soak in for 10 minutes, it was still as rich and didn't dry up at all (which has happened to me in the past with other deep conditioners) and I defiantly felt as though my hair had absorbed some nourishment. Rinsing this out is super easy and the scent was still very much there even after I towel dried my hair. 

HASK ARGAN OIL HEALING SHINE TREATMENT - This is my old favourite from the range, my first wonder discovery for amazing dupe products. I found that this had so many of the same ingredients as the famous Morrocanoil treatment, yet at only £2.50 at Primark, this is incredible value for money. I have now tried the expensive alternative and it works exactly the same as this one! 100%! No more and no less. (Therefore this does make me wonder about luxury brands and if they are overcharging us by a mile on such products.) Anyway, this works the same as any great hair oil; using a coin sized amount as the description says, I rubbed this through my hair from the middle section downwards, then brushed through with my Tangle Teezer. I reckon this detangled my hair about 50% more than by not using any conditioning treatment at all, and I also found that the finished results were fabulous. This gave me soft, smooth and rich feeling hair, which is very easy to style and not at all greasy. I used this every morning to give my hair some shine and lustre and I also find that the smell lasts all day. I would mark this the perfect "10", however, I had to deduct as I was looking for something more - more scent, or more smoothness perhaps? Then I tried the Macadamia Oils

RATING - 8.5/10

I'm very excited to share this one with you all! This one is the best hair oil treatment duo's I have ever tried!

The description on this sachet reads, " Macadamia Oil Hydrating Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment with Keratin, is an ultra restorave, moisturising treatment that will rejuvenate dry, damaged, chemically treated or over processed hair. Macadamia oil, native to Austrailia, is known for its absorbing, deep penetrating and cuticle sealing qualities while leaving even the most damaged hair soft and nourished for incredible shine. Treat your hair with this nourishing reconstructive conditioner, formulated to bring life back into your luscious looking locks."

HASK MACADAMIA OIL HYDRATING DEEP CONDITIONING MASK - Let's start off with the best thing about this deep conditioning treatment - the utterly divine smell! I actually couldn't wait until I had my shower so I could try this wonderful treatment just for the smell - it is a beautiful mixture of vanilla and a light, sexy musk that is just perfection! Definitely the best smelling hair treatment I've ever come across.
Anyway, it says on the product's description to use a generous amount of the sachet on your hair - after shampoo - and leave it to sink in before rinsing out. Using the entire sachet, I applied and left mine in for about 10-12 minutes and whilst I was massaging this in, I could feel it gently detangling my hair. When I rinsed this out, my hair felt so smooth and 'conditioned' and I am happy to report that the gorgeous smell was indeed strong enough to completely eclipse my James Brown Shampoo

HASK MACADAMIA OIL EXOTIC SHINE TREATMENT - After I towel dried my hair, I poured a coin-sized amount of this oil onto my hands, rubbed them together and then starting to run this through my hair - again, from the middle section downwards. I spent a good couple of minutes doing this to make sure my hair soaked in all of the oil. Afterwards - still with damp hair - I brushed through my whole head with my trusty Tangle Teezer and this is how I know that this treatment is so brilliant. My brush just glided through my locks with little to no effort and it has been a LONG TIME since my hair has felt as smooth! I usually let my hair dry naturally, so I just pinned it up and left it alone for a few hours afterwards. Since I have discovered Hask, I haven't needed to use my GHD hair straighteners once! The same also applied with this particular treatment - when my hair had fully dried, I was left with such smooth, glossy, incredibly soft hair with absolutely no frizz. This product seemed to want to work with my hair and not against it - I have now embraced my natural, full, bouncy wavy hair and it looks so healthy and nourished. I usually have a problem with the lower half of my hair - this is due to it becoming natually ombr├Ęd after I stopped dying it a couple of years ago - however, it feels about 80% better than it has ever been. I have been topping up on this oil daily by using a small amount in the mornings and it keeps my hair in perfect condition all day long. This also has that amazing scent and it really lasts for a very long time after you have first applied it. I think I'm in love! I honestly think this is one of the best hair oils on the market today! 

RATING - 10/10!

The description on this sachet reads; "Natural Essentials Complete Conditioning Treatment strengthens, repairs and adds body to all hair types;
- Olive Oil moisturises and hydrates your hair and scalp
- Bamboo fortifies and strengthens hair's outer layer
- Avocado is rich in essential vitamins and proteins that nourish and repair for revitalised hair
- Grapeseed is an antioxidant rich in fatty acids that shine and smooths hair." 

HASK NATURAL ESSENTIALS COMPLETE CONDITIONING TREATMENT - After washing my hair with my trusty James Brown Shampoo, I applied this conditioning treatment and massaged it into my scalp for a few minutes, exactly like the other two. The first thing I noticed about this was that it had a very subtle scent  - a fresh, sweet cucumber smell - and, as this is made of more natural ingredients, I can sort of understand why it would be so delicate. The instructions on this say to use the entire packet - which I did - and leave to sink in for 10 minutes. When I was applying it, it didn't feel like I was using a conditioner, it seemed to have the opposite effect and actually felt a bit harsh and sticky. It definitely didn't detangle my hair at all - it actually seemed to create even more tangles. When I was washing this out, it seemed to be quite a stubborn product and it took me a good 5 minutes of just pure rinsing. Afterwards, my hair was very tangled and I feel as though it made it even more dry than usual. Perhaps I have the wrong hair type for this product (I have very long, thick, wavy hair), as, when I gave some to my mum (who has short, thin hair) to try, she told me she loved it! 

HASK NATURAL ESSENTIALS LEAVE-IN INSTANT CONDITIONING TREATMENT - Unlike the other two hair oil treatments, this is sold under the guise of a leave in conditioner, which is to be used after the first wash-out conditioner, on towel dried hair, left in for 3 minutes then styled as usual. This is not at all like an oil - it is like a light green coloured watery liquid, which can be very fiddly to work with. It didn't explain how much of this I was supposed to use, so I opted for a third of the tube and just poured it directly onto my hair. I feel a product like this really should come in a tube with a spray top or dropper, so you don't have any spillages. The directions say you have to shake the bottle first to "activate botanicals", which came in the form of a very silvery, glittery glistening substance which lies at the bottom of the tube. I really like that little touch and think it makes quite a cute gimmick. 
However, my hair just didn't want to work this this treatment, it really didn't help detangle and felt as though it dried very quickly into my hair and left it a bit crunchy. It was quite hard to brush through afterwards and there wasn't any notable scent left lingering afterwards. However, when my hair fully dried, this did seem to keep the frizz down to a minimum and my hair defiantly looked shiner, which is a bonus. Again, when I used this on my mother's short hair, it seemed to work quite well! Maybe this should be re-marketed for a specific hair type, as I don't feel it is suitable for long, thick hair like mine. 

RATING - 6.5/10

Overall, I think Hask have created a great line of inexpensive, high quality hair treatments and I will definitely continue to use that amazing Macadamia Oil Treatment. What do you guys think? Do you have any good recommendations for hair oils? 


  1. Nice review, enthusiastic and easy to read :) After reading this I want to try the Hask Argan Oil Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment, do you know if it's available in Canada? I haven't seen it around but then again I haven't really looked!

    Sarah Bella

    1. Hi Sarah

      I can email the company's PR girl and find out for you!

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Great post x

  3. Ooh, very interesting! Fantastic reviews. I had no idea they had other products, I really want to try the Macadamia conditioning treatment now! Where can you buy them? I've only ever seen the Argan oil in Primark.


  4. I like this blog! I love macadamia nuts so I should probably try that.

    Olivia Lee

  5. love

    such a helpful post :)

    - S xx

  6. I've been contemplating whether to get Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil for a while and now that I've read this post, I think I'm going to give them both a try! Great post.

    Love Daniela - (new fan) oxo

  7. I love all kind of hair oils! It's lifesaving for my hair!

    /Stephanie / http://

  8. Thanks for the thorough review, I've come across these products before but never tried them!

  9. I love your blog and I have nominated you for the Liebster award ♥

  10. argan oil seems to be on hype since last year. i want to try it!


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