Welcome to my online journal of sorts. This blog is a sub-site of my main website, The Stellar Diaries. Here you will find an ongoing collection of my personal views, feature writings and/or think pieces of all things BEAUTY and SKINCARE related. The world around me is not only fascinating, it can trigger emotions so strong they give life to passion. And what is the point of a life without passion?

My name is Rachel Black, I'm in my early twenties and I have qualifications and hands-on experience within the fashion industry; mainly that of fashion design and marketing. However, I soon discovered that my real creative enthusiasm comes from writing. Having also studied a bit of journalism in the past, I soon realised my love with writing was more focused around creative writing for fiction and poetry.

I am also obsessed with makeup and skincare and am currently on that never ending journey of finding 'the' perfect eyeliner and 'that' perfect foundation - as every other woman is.  

Other interests and loves are Radiohead, Bret Easton Ellis, Jurassic Park, Vogue, vegetarian cuisine, Kerouac, Britney, horror movies and Vapestick cigarettes.

You only have one life, you only have one voice. So use it.

Thank You for visiting,

RB xx

P.S. - All views and opinions are my own and do not necessarily represent that of the vast majority of the British public and/or its affiliates....unfortunately


  1. Hi Rachel,
    thank you for your lovely comment. The layout of your blog is good as well, for example I really like the different images/labels in the sidebar.

    In your about page you mention that you're searching for the perfect eyeliner - have you tried Maybelline's Master Precise yet? It looks promising, what do you think?

    Emily ooo

    1. Hi Emily! No I haven't tried the Maybelline ones yet but I suppose I should? It's so frustrating as I have found the greatest consistency in an eyeliner and that's L'Oreal HIP Colour Chrome Eyeliners but they don't come in a nice light-ish brown, which is what I'm looking for!

      Thanks for saying my blog looks good, it is a work in progress! I'm relatively new to beauty blogging so I'm learning more and more everyday. I really like your blog as well and will look forward to your future posts.



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