Monday, 4 February 2013


It seems this is the latest trend which is circulating around the beauty blogging world. I thought I might as well give it a go...

1. I still have a fear of sleeping in the dark, so I always have to fall asleep to a dvd on in the background.

2. I have every single episode of TOWIE in my iTunes on my MacBook.

3. Trash t.v is my guilty pleasure.

4. I have been off cigarettes now for over a year!

5. I have a secret crush on a guy at my local gym.

6. I am a hopeless romantic.

7. The best live concert I've ever been to was Arctic Monkeys.

8. I find the highstreet store 'Oasis' to be ridiculously overpriced.

9. I am heartbroken that HMV are closing down.

10. My hair has naturally ombrèd itself.

11. I have one tattoo.

12. I find getting my brazilian hot wax quite pleasurable! *disturbed*

13. 'Lawless' was my favourite movie of 2012.

14. I really don't like feeling pressured to label myself. Whether on the grounds of religious/spiritual beliefs or lifestyle choices.

15. I am disgusted that women still earn much less than men.

16. I am passionate about politics. Although I feel as being a woman, I can be pigeonholed very easily. Yes, I care about "women's issues" (such as reproductive rights) but I also care about economics, foreign policy and the like.

17. I have voted every year since I was of age (and I urge all you beauty girls to do the same!)

18. I really want to have my teeth whitened.

19. I worry about the little things far too much.

20. I really believe all internships should be paid!

21. I didn't get asked to go on my very first date until I was 17 and then I was STOOD UP on the night!

22. I hate avocados.

23. My favourite time of day is sunrise.

24. I hate the words "snog", "shag", "pussy" and "fancy".

25. I would of loved to have had a sister.


  1. I am so glad I'm not the only one who still has to have the TV on in background when going to sleep!


  2. love these facts :) very interesting ahaa
    i am with you on a lot of these ahaa

  3. I used to be afraid of sleeping in the dark too! I don't really know how I got over it. But when I did it was kind of a relief haha. But when I was in college I used to fall asleep with the telly on. It didn't matter what was on I just left it on and fell asleep to it.

  4. Thank you for your comment!
    I really enjoy reading little facts about other bloggers.
    Though I can't even imagine enjoying brazilian waxing !!ouch!
    I followed back as well! I really looking forward to reading more of you. :)

    xx, A!

    1. I think I'm so strange at times with liking waxing!


  5. Interesting facts! I also think internships should be paid and hate the word pussy haha.
    Also, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm hosting a giveaway for my followers right now so please join if you're interested!

  6. Oh, thanks! <3
    I love your blogs and the facts about you are so interesting! I recognized, that we have some thinks in common, like your thoughts about voting, the worries about the little things, the tattoo and the naturally ombré hair. :D

    Anyway, I'm following back immediately!

    Xx, Sara.

  7. Was great getting to know more about you! Congrats on giving up smoking, you should be proud!


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  9. Good Post !!! Totally love this!! So happy for you that you gave up smoking !! xx just followed!

  10. What tattoo design do you have ? I have always wanted a tattoo like a large dragon on my back with the wings coming around but this would cost a lot and be very painful indeed haha :D
    and congrats on stopping smoking its good for your health and very hard to give up so you should feel great about this :) x

    1. Hi, I just have someones name tattooed on me! I really didn't find getting my tattoo painful at all! I was expecting much worse and where I got it - on my foot - is apparently meant to be one of the most painful places to have them done, yet I found it fine!

      Yeah, im glad I've stopped smoking! I'm all about the electronic cigarettes now!

      Thanks for commenting!


  11. Thank you :) I 'm following you too now :)

  12. I totally agree about Oasis, SO overpriced! I can't imagine ever enjoying being waxed! Well done for staying off the cigarettes. Your blog is lovely, I am a new follower :)

    Elle xx

  13. I hate avocados too! and good job giving up smoking <3 :D I also followed !

  14. I vote to! and if I was to go into politics this would be a very long response, so ill just keep it short and say that I loved reading your random facts!

    Sita xx

    1. Haha, feel free to leave any lengthly response that you like! I like talking with other women about politics


  15. These are really interesting facts :) I agree with a lot of what your saying and I even did a blog post about number 15 a while back!

    Tanesha x

  16. I love your facts! I am with you on a lot of them, especially women not earning as much as men, its a disgrace! ha :-) x

  17. we are very similar! great idea for a post x
    Style, Beauty, etc

  18. Thanks for following I'm now following you!
    I hate the dark full stop!!!
    Great post xx

  19. Hey Rachel,

    Thanks for the sweet words over on my blog! You have a great layout as well. New follower here!

    Reading through your 25 facts, one thing that struck me the most is that I too strongly believe internships should be paid! HAHA! Got an internship in London last year, but since it's gonna be unpaid, I have to give it up.

    Anyway, if you happen to travel to Singapore and need a tour guide for it, I would love to show you around. Similarly, I would love to visit the UK someday too!

    Keep smiling! ^^

    1. That's awful! I hope you get more opportunities for internships! I think it's awful that these internships - especially in the fashion world where I used to work - are secured for those who have wealthy parents and can afford not to be paid! Also, so many good internships - such as Vogue - always seem to go to girls whose parents have great connections with the editors! It really is unfair

      I would love to go to Singapore someday :)


  20. Hey dear! This is such an amazing post! So interesting and fun!! :))


  21. aw, avocados are delicious! haha
    I didn't know HMV was closing down? :(
    I really want to have my teeth whitened as well.
    You should try the Crest advanced whitening strips :)
    I've been using them and they really do help :)

  22. I think I agree with almost everything here, especially about Oasis being sooo overpriced, I was talking to my mum about that today!
    I also have one tattoo! I did this post, but I somehow managed to get 50 facts, even thoug I'm sure most of them are super boring!
    I really enjoyed reading yours :)
    Hope you're well.


  23. These are great! Congrats on kicking the habit! Good for you. :)

    I wrote you a letter and just need your address to send it.

    My email: mandylb721 at gmail


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