Monday, 29 October 2012


I was recently rummaging through an old makeup bag which used to belong to my grandmother. I love finding old cosmetics which can be dubbed "vintage" and have that old-time glamour. This little treasure caught my eye, with its royal blue packaging and little mirror inside, it would of been a product my grandmother used sparingly - a special, luxury cosmetic.

Christian Dior Duo Eyeshadow - I don't know the shade of this product as the label is so worn down, but one is a lovely peach colour with a lot of golden pigmentation an the other is a light beige. Even after all these years, the shadows haven't lost any of its quality, with both shades being a great consistency. Obviously I don't use these as I wouldn't want to risk getting an eye infection but it's still a fabulous product to keep in my collection as a reminder of all things vintage.

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