Tuesday, 9 October 2012

NARS brings Andy back

Today is a very special day for all us beauty-loving heroins. Stunning high-end makeup brand NARS have finally produced their new collection dedicated to one of the most famous, iconic artistic visionaries of the 19th century, Andy Warhol. In a memorial style of marketing, it is the 25th anniversary of Warhol's death, Francois Nars has created a limited edition 29-piece cosmetics line which will be sold exclusively at Sephora until November 1st.

Included is the Edie (Sedgwick) Gift Set. The film canister with a portrait of the actress on it contains 
everything from lipgloss to eyeshadow. Another set in the collection sees lip glosses packed into a soup can covered in the infamous lips of Warhol's muses, while bright greens and blues are intricately shaped into one of Warhol's famous self-portraits in an eye palette etched with the Andyism: "I believe in low lights and trick mirrors."

Overall, the items look beautiful and for Pop Art enthusiasts such as myself, I will be trying in vain to catch one of these bad boys before the inevitable "sold out" sign etches across my computer screen.

(images via collegefashion/tempalia/twylah)


  1. I went to the Space.NK in Glasgow yesterday and they had a few of the things from the collection. I don't really care for some of the eyeshadow colours, such as the green one. I did like the monochrome one though and I do really like the idea of the collection. The film cannister is an especially great idea as well. What do you think you'd like to buy from the collection?


    1. I'm really intrigued by the film canister as well! I also love all the nail polishes! Hopefully I will be able to get some for christmas from ebay

  2. I'm soo desperate to buy some makeup from the Andy Warhol collection at Nars!
    Love your blog btw!
    Laura xx

    1. Thank you for commenting! I love your blog also! I've recently got the nail polish set from the collection (it was one of the cheapest gift sets I could afford!). I want so much more of it though.



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