Monday, 12 November 2012


After purchasing my highly impressive foundation brush, I decided to try out more of Primarks Makeup range.

1. Primark Blusher Brush - This costs £1.50 and is so incredibly soft! I have kept an open mind when purchasing these products and for good reason. They are such great quality for the price. I tried this with my MAC powder blush and gently applied some onto the apples of my cheeks and blended upwards slightly, then backwards. The brush is rather big for your check area so be sure to only use a little amount of powder onto the very tip but, overall, I was impressed as this didn't seem to malt! The item itself is very sleek looking and doesn't look cheap at all!

2. Primark Bronzing Brush - This is huge! Really big! A bit too big for my face to be honest but this would be perfect for dusting some powder body shimmer onto your arms, legs and d├ęcolletage. It did malt quite a bit the first time I tried it which is a shame but an okay product overall. This is priced at £1!

3. Primark Eyeliner 2 Pack in shade Black- For £1 you get two pencil eyeliners and a sharpener which is a great deal. I usually don't wear much black eyeliner in the daytime as I find it too intense for me but I decided to give this a go anyway. It went on my lash line and waterline effortlessly and was very easy to smudge out - to create a smokey effect. If you are new to makeup and want something to practice eye makeup with then this is the cosmetic for you. Very impressed.

4. Primark Volume Boost Mascara in shade 19 Black - This is my favourite Primark beauty purchase by far. I think it costs £1.50 (I can't find my receipt) and is an average sized tube. I tried this on without curling my lashes and was very impressed as it gave my lashes a nice, delicate coat of black that was subtle enough to create a "no-makeup, make-up" effect but still had some definition. With curled lashes it looks even better, I was so pleasantly surprised that this worked as well as it did. I will definitely be using this more often.

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  1. Wow, I've never considered buying make up from Primark but now you've got me thinking! I bet you could save lots of money by getting the odd essential there.
    Great post x


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