Sunday, 20 January 2013


Finally! I had been lusting after this beauty for absolute ages and now I have it! The legend that is Karl Lagerfeld has done a collaboration with the brand Shu Uemura to create a line of cosmetics and accessories. As Shu Uemura are the Kings of lash curlers, the main item for me to get from said collection was this one. I LOVE these lash curlers so much. Along with the classic Shu design, there is a bright red cushion strip on the curler and with an absolutely adorable little trinket of a cartoon girl dangling from the handle; I think these are really cool. Performance wise, well, what do you expect from the greatest? Haha. They effortlessly curl my lashes and make my eyes  look wide open and then, with some waterproof mascara applied afterwards, I end up with a really striking makeup look. (As you can see from my top picture, when they arrived I practically tore the box open and had to try them immediately, so please ignore the smudged brown mascara line!). These cost £20 and are limited edition*

*I ordered these from the Shu Uemura website and got free P+P and also a spare red cushion for replacement. Also, when they arrived there was a lovely little personalised note inside thanking me for my order along with some free complimentary samples of some of the brands skincare line. Great service all-round!


  1. These sounds great. I haven't used eye lash curlers before so might need to try these out, especially with such cute packaging!
    Lianne x

    1. They are the best - I've tried quite a few drugstore priced ones and nothing is as effective yet GENTLE as these! Best £20 you will ever spend once you get the hang of it - and don't forget to try to use waterproof mascara so that the curl will keep hold!



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