Sunday, 20 January 2013


As I am progressing with my beauty blog adventure, my makeup collection is growing and growing. With that is the need for some more storage, so I ordered another little Muji Acrylic 2 Drawer container and had it delivered a few days ago. I am obsessed with organising things - even my spices for cooking are in a great order - so it's no wonder that I really adore organising my makeup. 

As I've mentioned in a previous blog post, I think the Muji boxes are really incredible in their quality, sturdiness, price and look. I was going to try the 3 Drawer they had but it sold out so quickly that I would of had to wait till February to purchase. I am very happy with what I have now though and as you can see, I've stacked both systems on top of each other to make a 4 Drawer container. I have them organised as follows;

Bottom drawer - Mascaras, Cream Eyeshadows, Non depotted powder eyeshadows.

3rd drawer - Liquid eyeliners, Gel Liners, Mini mascaras, some random 'vintage' cosmetics.

2nd drawer - Lip glosses, Lipsticks, Lip conditioners.

Top drawer - Powder blushers, Cream blushers, Concealers, Face Powders, Brow Gel, Powder Highlighters.

Sitting on top - Nars 'Andy Warhol' Nail Polish Collection, Stila Snowflake Palette, Laura Mercier Bath liquid etc. 

I still keep my main face products in the acrylic single deep drawer I previously got. Also inside is my mugs which contain my main brushes, eyeliner pencils, brow pencils, lip liners, tweezers, eyelash curlers and main foundations. I also tied a pink bow around the middle of the box just a cute little detail. I have ordered an acrylic nail polish stand from ebay, so once that has arrived I will do a post on how I've arranged it. For now I still have my polishes in my glass bowl.

I really urge those of you who are looking for a new makeup organisational system to try these boxes out - you will not be disappointed! 


  1. Ahh this is amazing. I really really want those Muji boxes, but I think I'll save up for a while and get a few. I've been looking for lipstick holders for a while too. Such a great idea :)


    1. Honestly just get one to begin with then build up afterwards! I think it was free P+P as well! You will be so happy with them! xoxo

  2. These boxes look great

    Kimberley x



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