Monday, 7 January 2013


After searching far and wide for some good quality eyeliners, I have been so overjoyed with finding these! I got the first one online from Amazon for around £3 and when it was delivered and I tried it on the back of my hand to swatch was amazing. It slides on as smooth as butter and is one of the most pigmented products I've ever come across. These are far better than any Mac or Urban Decay liners and are highly under appreciated within the beauty world. There is only a small selection of colours available online, so I got two more to add to the collection. All I'm after now is their black shade and then I'm complete! Coming in either metallic or 'matte' tones, I have these in the following colours;

1. L'Oreal Paris 'HIP' Color Chrome Eyeliner in 920 Gold Charge - This was my first one and as I hadn't been having great luck in finding that perfect shade of brown for a liner, I opted for gold. This is as gold as you can get and after you apply this, it looks so professional and luxurious - it has the effect you get with a liquid liner. This is very metallic and has tremendous staying power. You do need to work super quick with these before they dry though!

2. L'Oreal Paris 'HIP' Color Chrome Eyeliner in 965 Violet Volt - Even though this is under the "Chrome" label - which gives the impression it is metallic - I found this to be very matte with little shimmer. Having said that, I love this beautiful deep purple shade which has great blue undertones. It is perfect for an easy dramatic eye look.

3. L'Oreal Paris 'HIP' Color Chrome Eyeliner in 915 Silver Lightning - This is such a unique shade. I haven't seen that many pure silver liners that are this pigmented and striking. I love this one, it has that nice metallic sheen and is just as creamy and easy to apply as the others.  This works so well against pale skin tones like my own and is also really great for applying in the tear duct area of the eye. It really brightens them up! The only negative thing about these liners is that they can be tricky to sharpen if you want a nice point on the tip, the formulation is just so soft that it can be a bit awkward but with a bit if practice, I was able to overcome it.

Overall, these are fabulous. The price is impossible to beat for such great quality eyeliners. These rival even the most luxurious of brands and I will defiantly be getting a lot of use out of them this year.

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