Sunday, 20 January 2013


I got this upon the recommendation of one of my favourite YouTube Beauty girls, Hannah from hannahgeorgina24. I had been trying to find a good lip liner for a while now as was coming to a constant dead end with regards to getting the right shade. I now know that my problem is that I have a very strange view of what colour I think my lips actually are! I had be trying liners that were way too dark for my lips and always steered away from the lighter pink ones as I though they wouldn't suit! Boy, how wrong was I? 

This Rimmel liner is the PERFECT shade for my lips. It is such a good match to my natural colour that I have found that I can wear it on its own and without any lipstick! This is one of those wind-up liners, which is great as you never need to sharpen them and this has just a great overall quality with its pigmentation and lasting power. I'm in love! And it only cost about £3.99! Thank you Hannah G

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