Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Where do I even begin? This girl is one of the best looking females I have ever seen! She is so so beautiful and obviously looks just as good without a scrap of makeup on. In this picture, however, she is wearing a very  natural, feminine look which is very subtle-sexy. Her hair is perfect in those long, loose waves which are a bit messy but still look sleek. The makeup is flawless; it appears she has used a light-reflecting foundation all over her face and used the same in concealer form mainly in the centre. She has a mid-tone brown eyeshadow running along the crease of the eye, giving it a bit of definition and had some black liquid liner on the outer half of the lid. Only using a bit of mascara, she's made the main focal point of this look those amazing cheekbones, which have been emphasised by clever contouring. The smallest amount of peach blush is visible on her outer cheeks, giving her some warmth and her lips have a natural colour matte lipstick on. A touch of translucent powder has finished off this look giving her an air-brushed finish. Perfect.

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