Tuesday, 4 December 2012


1. Lisa Eldridge - This woman has very quickly become my beauty idol! Ever since I saw one of her videos for the first time on YouTube I've become hooked. Bringing back a bit of my own nostalgia, some of you may remember Lisa as the stunningly beautiful makeup artist who worked on the television series '10 Years Younger' and who helped many women gain some of that much needed confidence back by showing them the tricks of the trade into how to apply makeup. You will have seen her work time and time again; all you have to do is pick up a random Vogue or Elle where her talent is frequently displayed. Her tutorials are probably the best I've ever seen and she is a true star. She's such a lovely, classy lady as well, with a huge amount of the likability factor which is so refreshing.

2. Pixiwoo - Probably being one of the most famous of the beauty YouTubers, sisters Sam and Nic have hundreds of videos on their channel, Pixiwoo and have gained so much praise for their easy to follow and creative tutorials. They specialise in copying celebrity looks and use a diverse range of cosmetics ranging from luxury to budget, meaning everyone can go out and buy something in their price range to get a particular look. These two have become so successful that I've seen them in their own makeup column in the Daily Mirror newspaper and they have their own range of brushes, Real Techniques. (I use the R.T Stippling Brush and it's fab) Also, they run their own makeup artist training studio and have recently launched their own online magazine, TWO. Busy girls! 

3. Beauty Broadcast with Emily Noel83 - Having over 300k subscribers and over 500 videos, Emily Noel has become a legend in the YouTube beauty clique. Her tutorials are easy to follow and she is incredibly honest about which products she likes and which ones she DOESN'T . She does in-depth reviews on cosmetics ranging from single items to whole brands, making her one of my main go-to women for advice on makeup. She is also very much pro-drugstore makeup which is great. Highly recommended. 

4. Essie Button - The "Canadian Living in England", Essie Button was one of the first beauty gurus I had ever subscribed to and I quickly became addicted to her videos. She does the whole range, from tutorials to reviews to hauls (both high end and drugstore), making this YouTuber the whole package. She's not a professional makeup artist, just a regular girl who talks about her passion, but she has so much personality she is able to stand out. She is so funny and witty and will frequently (randomly) speak in different accents during her videos; it's just her quirkiness that attracts so many followers and subscribers. Including me! 

5. Hannah Georgina24 - Hannah was the first YouTuber I went to when I embarked on my journey of beauty blogging. Her videos are really entertaining as she is able to go into so much detail and talk about products in such an educated and eloquent manner. She talks about beauty with so much passion and enthusiasm and gives really great advice on how to use particular products. I've watched all of her videos now and was able to make a few really good purchases based on her knowledge of them. Her tutorials are really easy to follow, especially her eye makeup ones which were a great help to me as, at the time, I wasn't so sure how to do a more dramatic eye without making a mess! I also particularly like her skincare routine video as it's good to see how to properly use certain products. I always look forward to her uploads. 

6. All That Glitters21 - The real-life personification of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, Elle Fowler is one of the most girly girls I think I've ever seen. She's blonde, pretty, ditzy and very chirpy which some may find a bit annoying but I find it really sweet. I like the style of her makeup as it's a very feminine, soft look she goes for so her tutorials are helpful for me. She does a bit of everything in her channel from hauls, reviews, BOOK reviews, fashion and room tours. Her best video by far is that of her makeup collection. I have never seen someone with such an amazing collection of great makeup. She has EVERYTHING a girl could dream of in regards to beauty and even her vanity is beautiful. 

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