Monday, 10 December 2012


I did a little pre-christmas shopping yesterday and decided to treat myself to some of the No.7 'Deco Darling' products. These are limited edition cosmetics which have been created by the wonderful Lisa Eldridge. I have been lusting after the eye palette, however, when I tried to to get it both online and in-store I was informed that it was SOLD OUT everywhere! NO! I really hope it comes back in stock soon as I MUST HAVE IT!
Instead I settled for one of the collection's nail polishes along with a No.7 basic polish and, with the current offer at Boots, when you buy ANY two No.7 items you get a free 'Deco Darling' gift worth £26. That defiantly made up for not having the palette. (well, almost)

1. No.7 'Stay Perfect' Nail Colour in Speakeasy - I'm a fan of the these large-sized bottles of this (10ml) meaning you will definitely get your moneys worth. Costing £5.99, these nail polishes are great quality, the brush is quite thick making application easier and more even. I usually need two coats of these to get full impact. I really like the colour of this polish, it is a very dark grey rather than a full-on black and is filled with shimmer. This will give your nails a decadent look for Christmas or New Years.

2. No.7 'Stay Perfect' Nail Colour in Milan - This was the second item I selected so I could claim my free gift. I haven't got many pink shades of polish and this is a beautiful colour. It's a very mature shade of pink, a dusky rose colour, and also contains more of that lovely shimmer.


As I've said, you get this free gift with any two purchases at No.7 and I'm loving them more than my polishes!

3. No.7 Eyeshadow - This is a teeny little compact which will fit perfectly into a clutch bag, making it handy for touch ups when you're at those upcoming parties. This is very dark, an almost-black-but-not-quite-black black shade. It has some dark green undertones which are very unusual but incredibly unique and this also has lots of pigmentation. The glitter in this means you should take extra care when applying it in case of fallout.

4. No.7 Extra Definition Mascara in Black - Another small, travel-sized product, this mascara has a very different type of wand that has longer bristles on one side but very small one on the other. It's great for getting all the lashes - right into the roots - and especially the under eye lashes.

5. No.7 'Stay Perfect' Lipstick in Classic Rose - This is my favourite item of the whole lot! This gorgeous full-sized lipstick is a beautiful colour, a pink with subtle peach undertones, and goes on so so smooth. I usually layer up a couple of coats of lipstick - blotting in-between each - to make it last longer and this works great in that way. It's quit sheer as well so you can build it up or wear it very thinly. Even the packaging of this is very chic, I'm in love.

6. No.7 'Stay Perfect' Metallic Eyes Pencil  - This matches the eyeshadow in the gift set and so, when these are used together, you will have beautiful dramatic looking eyes. The liner will work well on its own as well though. Definitely a nighttime liner.*

*I was also given a little "How-To" card with my purchases which shows me how to use the 'Deco Darling' palette as well as the liner! I will search far and wide for this palette! I WILL!

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