Thursday, 27 December 2012


I had originally sampled this years ago in good old LDN, yet when I went to the Roberto Cavalli store on Sloane Street I was told that they had taken the product back off the shelves in order to reproduce it. I didn't sample the newer version but presumed it would just be a stronger scent, so I went ahead and ordered this online. When I unboxed this and spritzed it for the first time, I was SHOCKED at just how different this was to the original. This is a full on, mature scent which is along the lines of Opium by YSL and Obsession by Calvin Klein - basically, your mum would LOVE this. It is very strong and quite woody but it does have some lighter notes which will linger on your skin, it has been described as the following;

"Serpent, the signature symbol of Roberto Cavalli, is feminine, sensual and dangerously charming. The composition is built around mango blossom known in Hindu legends as the food of Gods. According to a Brazilian legend, snakes eat mango blossom. This floral-oriental composition opens with sweet mandarin notes and mango blossom. The heart introduces exotic Tiare flower and rich scent of Frangipani blossom, refined by violets and black pepper. The oriental base is built on harmony of Tolu balsam, sandalwood and amber. The fragrance was created byJacques Cavallier of Firmenich in 2005." (

I am by no means an expert on discussing perfumes, I just try to simplify my reaction to it. To be honest though, I do really like this! It is not something for everyday wear but defiantly for an evening out to dinner or any sort of formal event, this will be perfect. My favourite thing about this is the stunning bottle it comes in. It is a very round shape with a serpentine snake, curled up and engraved on the front. The lid is a rather strange geometric gold handle but with the colour of the fragrance, it all blends in together to look very chic and expensive. I have this proudly on display in my room. 

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