Thursday, 27 December 2012


I've finally gotten my hands on some of the Benefit blushers. I already have Hoola in my collection, which I use during the summertime, however I needed a nice, soft blush for all other seasons. This is the newest blusher by Benefit being described as follows;

"Seeking a flush of enlightenment? Swirl on hervana... Our goodkarma face powder! Four complementary shades, lucky shell, divine peach, heavenly rose & berry delight - blend together perfectly for an orchid blossom blush. What goes around,,,comes around!"  (

So, I suppose the main question is, how good is it? Well, I think this blusher is wonderful for my fellow pale-skins. As with most powder blushers, you only need a tiny bit of product on your brush to apply (and with this you can easily go overboard), and when you do, you need to lightly blend, blend, blend upwards and backwards of the cheekbone area. I love the fact that you defiantly can get different effects from this product depending on how you use you brush - you could swirl just a couple of the shades on a smaller blusher brush for example - thus giving you more or less overall colour. The little brush that comes with these blushers are quite handy and can be used, so always keep them in the box - handy for on-the-go makeup. The only downside I can say about this is that it costs £23, which is pretty steep for a blusher but I suppose you are paying for the unique, iconic packaging and a great quality product so, why not splurge a little?*

*(I really love my handy photo-work in the image below, I somehow captured my Pop Art picture on my wall and reflected it into the little mirror in the box. I think it's impressive!)

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