Sunday, 2 December 2012


I feel really bad doing this but it's a vital part of beauty blogging. I recently received this after ordering it from Superdrug online. It looked lovely in its pictures and I had heard somewhere that it is a good product but unfortunately for me it wasn't;

FASHIONISTA Custom Design Blush in Milan - As I've said, this looked beautiful online and when I first received it, it looked amazing. It's along the same lines as the MAC Mineralise Skin Finishes but it's a very pink colour. It appears to have a nice shimmer within the product and when I did a swatch on my finger, it looked fine. Problem is, when I went to apply it with my blusher brush, nothing happened. NOTHING! I swirled the brush around a lot of times and you could see the product on the brush but when you go to apply it from there to your face absolutely no product comes off! It is the oddest thing! I tried with all my different brushes and I get the same outcome, it just doesn't work properly. Now, I did try to put on a bit with my fingers and a little product did come off but not anywhere near what is satisfactory! And it had none of the shimmer.
This cost me £2.99 which isn't a lot of money but still, I expect to get some good use out of all my makeup - even the budget ones! I am so disappointed with this and it's fair to say I won't be buying anymore of this brand's blushers.
Hopefully I've got this all wrong and it's ME that's doing something wrong as most products work fine and I'm especially good with blusher, so, if any of you know how to apply it differently to get a better result then comment and let me know.

Have you got any disappointing products?

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